Kennedy Library
An Inclusive Hub.

We support the collaborative nature of Learn by Doing.


Behind every great university is a great library. The Robert E. Kennedy Library is the place at Cal Poly where people and information intersect, and where knowledge is created.


It is a space for reflection, learning, growth and collaboration. It is an inclusive hub that brings learning spaces, relevant information, new technology, special programs, content experts and integrated services together to sustain student success, support critical inquiry and scholarship, and showcase Cal Poly's signature Learn by Doing education. The library’s Special Collections and Archives is a cultural venue that instills Cal Poly Pride and distinguishes Kennedy Library from any other library. We are a university asset and destination for everyone, providing superior services and programs that sustain and enrich the entire campus and the San Luis Obispo community. Kennedy Library will be dramatically transformed to support the collaborative nature of Learn by Doing and ensure that it embodies the innovation and ingenuity for which Cal Poly is known.




  • Complete a renovation and renewal that will evince the qualities of a 21st century Learn by Doing library with engaging and technologically rich environments for work, study, collaboration and presentation; and for showcasing student and faculty work.
  • Secure sustainable funding for collections and information resources that support and enhance the Learn by Doing curriculum.
  • Preserve the unique items that reflect our community and university's history so that generations to come can learn and study from our past, and acquire and curate unique new collections of historical significance to Cal Poly and to the community.
Giving Leaderboard by # of Gifts
We are so excited and inspired by the number of alumni, parents and friends who are giving back to Cal Poly today! Thank you! These giving areas are in the lead by number of gifts made.
Rank Department Gifts
1 Engineering (CENG) 106
2 Liberal Arts (CLA) 78
3 Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) 52
4 Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences (CAFES) 46
5 Architecture & Environmental Design (CAED) 41
6 Alumni Association 29
7 Student Affairs 22
8 Science & Mathematics (COSAM) 20
9 Athletics 16
10 Cal Poly Fund 13
11 Poly Reps 13
12 Scholarships 11
13 Cross Cultural Center 11
14 Spur Change Projects 10
15 Pride Center 9
16 Ambassador Picks 6
17 Cal Poly Cat Program 4
18 Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3
19 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic 3
20 Parent Fund 2
21 International Programs 2
22 Kennedy Library 2
23 Open House 1
Giving Leaderboard by $ Raised
Wow! Our Poly Gives donors are so generous and we couldn't be more grateful! These giving areas are in the lead by amount of dollars raised.
Rank Department Raised
1 Engineering (CENG) $17,598.00
2 Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) $9,976.00
3 Liberal Arts (CLA) $8,347.00
4 Architecture & Environmental Design (CAED) $6,555.00
5 Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences (CAFES) $5,780.00
6 Science & Mathematics (COSAM) $4,925.00
7 Alumni Association $4,901.00
8 Athletics $3,425.00
9 Student Affairs $2,385.00
10 Cal Poly Fund $1,670.00
11 Spur Change Projects $1,325.00
12 Scholarships $825.00
13 Poly Reps $795.00
14 Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship $545.00
15 Cross Cultural Center $405.00
16 Pride Center $400.00
17 Cal Poly Cat Program $250.00
18 Parent Fund $200.00
19 Ambassador Picks $191.00
20 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic $150.00
21 International Programs $75.00
22 Kennedy Library $50.00
23 Open House $10.00
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