Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

We support the trailblazers who solve big problems.


In about a decade, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has helped launch 88 Cal Poly startups that have gone on to raise $200 million in capital and create thousands of jobs.


On campus, we’re reaching 1,200 students a year in the classroom and more than 3,000 students a year in total. And at the SLO HotHouse, we’re supporting the growth of dozens of startups through our Summer Accelerator and Incubator programs. We’ve been recognized as one of the top undergraduate entrepreneurship programs in the country. But there’s more we can do.


We envision an entrepreneurial ecosystem that allows our most entrepreneurial students to solve big problems. With world-class facilities on and off campus, dedicated faculty in each of the six colleges and unparalleled mentorship and programming, we will embed entrepreneurship in our collective culture, putting Cal Poly on the map as the top undergraduate university for entrepreneurial-minded students.




  • Offer Students the Best Undergraduate Accelerator Experience in the World. Since 2010, 71 student-founded startups have launched in everything from medical devices to sustainable snack foods. With modest seed funding, a whole lot of guidance, and Cal Poly alumni as mentors, there’s no problem too big to solve.
  • Create a Hub on Campus. We envision a place where students learn from mentors, faculty and staff to develop solutions to real-world problems, then build those solutions in a state-of-the-art makerspace. We envision a place where our most innovative students feel right at home.
  • Meet the Growing Demand for Entrepreneurship. Through an on-campus incubator, entrepreneurship forums, campus-wide competitions and 19 unique entrepreneurship classes, we encourage students to develop big ideas and give them the tools to execute.
Giving Leaderboard by # of Gifts
We are so excited and inspired by the number of alumni, parents and friends who are giving back to Cal Poly today! Thank you! These giving areas are in the lead by number of gifts made.
Rank Department Gifts
1 Engineering (CENG) 106
2 Liberal Arts (CLA) 78
3 Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) 52
4 Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences (CAFES) 46
5 Architecture & Environmental Design (CAED) 41
6 Alumni Association 29
7 Student Affairs 22
8 Science & Mathematics (COSAM) 20
9 Athletics 16
10 Cal Poly Fund 13
11 Poly Reps 13
12 Scholarships 11
13 Cross Cultural Center 11
14 Spur Change Projects 10
15 Pride Center 9
16 Ambassador Picks 6
17 Cal Poly Cat Program 4
18 Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3
19 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic 3
20 Parent Fund 2
21 International Programs 2
22 Kennedy Library 2
23 Open House 1
Giving Leaderboard by $ Raised
Wow! Our Poly Gives donors are so generous and we couldn't be more grateful! These giving areas are in the lead by amount of dollars raised.
Rank Department Raised
1 Engineering (CENG) $17,598.00
2 Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) $9,976.00
3 Liberal Arts (CLA) $8,347.00
4 Architecture & Environmental Design (CAED) $6,555.00
5 Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences (CAFES) $5,780.00
6 Science & Mathematics (COSAM) $4,925.00
7 Alumni Association $4,901.00
8 Athletics $3,425.00
9 Student Affairs $2,385.00
10 Cal Poly Fund $1,670.00
11 Spur Change Projects $1,325.00
12 Scholarships $825.00
13 Poly Reps $795.00
14 Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship $545.00
15 Cross Cultural Center $405.00
16 Pride Center $400.00
17 Cal Poly Cat Program $250.00
18 Parent Fund $200.00
19 Ambassador Picks $191.00
20 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic $150.00
21 International Programs $75.00
22 Kennedy Library $50.00
23 Open House $10.00
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