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Engineering (CENG) has raised $ 50,283 from 190 gifts!
Engineering (CENG)

Cal Poly Engineering Student Clubs are Learning – and Succeeding – by Doing


Cal Poly Engineering clubs have always been champions of the Learn by Doing model. With nearly 80 student clubs offering project, leadership, service, conference and competition opportunities, every day is a hands-on day for our students!



That hands-on learning makes an impact. The regional and national awards our students proudly bring home – in everything from sustainability to racing, and from cybersecurity to medical devices – shows impressive skills and knowledge, as well as an unrivaled commitment to community service and outreach.



Join us in supporting a department or one of our three highlighted  programs with giving challenges: 


Concrete Canoe

The concrete canoe team is just one example of how donors have substantial impact on student success. Members of the concrete canoe team design and produce a canoe made from concrete, allowing them to use engineering skills that bring together the dynamics and mechanics it takes to make concrete float. Concrete canoe illustrates Cal Poly's Learn by Doing philosophy as students work as a team throughout the year and compete at the regional Pacific Southwest Conference in the spring, before advancing to the national competition in the summer.


Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

The sponsored SURP program enhances Learn by Doing principles by pairing undergraduate students with faculty to work on cutting-edge research aimed to solve key issues facing the world today. During the program, undergraduate researchers participate in interdisciplinary, hands-on project learning that fosters critical thinking, teamwork, communication and entrepreneurial skills.


Materials Engineering Department

Cal Poly Materials Engineering is the only primarily undergraduate materials engineering program in the nation. Materials engineers are the experts who know which materials can be selected based on the end user's needs, understanding why materials behave the way they do so they can develop new materials to fit specific purposes.  Within the program, faculty and staff provide a positive learning environment where students learn engineering fundamentals, gain experience with materials characterization and testing equipment and develop teamwork and professional skills. 

Most # of Gifts to a college, department or fund between 10 am - 11 am
The college, department or program with the most number of gifts between 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 7 will unlock additional funds.
Rank Prize Department Gifts
1 $250 Student Affairs 5
2 $100 Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences (CAFES) 4
3 $50 Engineering (CENG) 3
4 Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2
5 Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) 2
6 Poly Reps 2
7 Science & Mathematics (COSAM) 1
8 Student Organizations 1
9 Liberal Arts (CLA) 1
10 Alumni Association 1
11 Athletics 1
12 Pride Center 1
13 Cal Poly Cat Program 1
14 Cal Poly Fund 1
15 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic 0
16 Open House 0
17 Cross Cultural Center 0
18 Spur Change Student Groups 0
19 Parent Fund 0
20 Architecture & Environmental Design (CAED) 0
21 Kennedy Library 0
22 Scholarships 0
College of Engineering Giving Leaderboard
Which CENG department will have the most number of donors during Poly Gives? Help your favorite CENG area climb the leaderboard by making a gift.
Rank Fund Designation Gifts
1 Mechanical Engineering Department 31
2 Aerospace Engineering Department 21
3 Materials Engineering Department 18
4 College of Engineering 18
5 Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department 17
6 Concrete Canoe Team 15
7 Civil and Environmental Engineering Department 14
8 Computer Science and Software Engineering Department 12
9 Electrical Engineering Department 10
10 Summer Undergraduate Research 9
11 Computer Engineering Program 9
12 Biomedical Engineering Department 7
13 General Engineering Program 3
14 Engineering Club Support Fund 1
College of Engineering Donor Challenge
Donors to any Engineering area help unlock funds for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Reach 100 donors and $10,000 is unlocked. An additional $5,000 will be unlocked when CENG reached 150 donors!
150 / 150 Gifts
One to one match for Cal Poly's Concrete Canoe!
Every gift to Cal Poly's Concrete Canoe will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000. Help the team continue their winning ways!
$1,560 MATCHED
One to one match for Engineering's SURP!
Every donation to the College of Engineering's Summer Undergraduate Research Program will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000.
$1,635 MATCHED
One to one match for Engineering's MATE program!
Every donation made to Materials Engineering will be matched dollar for dollar.
$3,235 MATCHED
Giving Leaderboard by # of Gifts
We are so excited and inspired by the number of alumni, parents and friends who are giving back to Cal Poly today! Thank you! These giving areas are in the lead by number of gifts made.
Rank Department Gifts
1 Student Organizations 364
2 Engineering (CENG) 189
3 Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences (CAFES) 101
4 Liberal Arts (CLA) 97
5 Student Affairs 76
6 Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) 65
7 Science & Mathematics (COSAM) 54
8 Spur Change Student Groups 51
9 Architecture & Environmental Design (CAED) 47
10 Cal Poly Fund 37
11 Athletics 27
12 Poly Reps 27
13 Alumni Association 23
14 Cal Poly Cat Program 16
15 Parent Fund 12
16 Scholarships 11
17 Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship 9
18 Kennedy Library 8
19 Cross Cultural Center 8
20 Open House 6
21 Pride Center 5
22 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic 4
Giving Leaderboard by $ Raised
Wow! Our Poly Gives donors are so generous and we couldn't be more grateful! These giving areas are in the lead by amount of dollars raised.
Rank Department Raised
1 Engineering (CENG) $28,703.00
2 Student Organizations $18,307.00
3 Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences (CAFES) $15,895.00
4 Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) $10,535.00
5 Liberal Arts (CLA) $10,282.00
6 Athletics $9,785.00
7 Student Affairs $8,337.00
8 Architecture & Environmental Design (CAED) $8,150.00
9 Science & Mathematics (COSAM) $8,119.00
10 Cal Poly Fund $6,360.00
11 Alumni Association $4,385.00
12 Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship $4,200.00
13 Poly Reps $2,693.00
14 Spur Change Student Groups $2,285.00
15 Parent Fund $2,055.00
16 Kennedy Library $1,675.00
17 Cal Poly Cat Program $1,395.00
18 Scholarships $1,000.00
19 Cross Cultural Center $935.00
20 Open House $415.00
21 Pride Center $300.00
22 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic $245.00
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